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Posted by | June 23, 2020 | blog

The Covid-19 pandemic might be bringing a downturn to all of us; be it to business owners or to its workforce. The Movement Control Order (MCO) however had brought us a totally different normal. Most of us are now working from home, ordering food online, and shop online. One thing that brought this possible: Digitalization.

Sarawak Courses

New Paradigm: Digital World or Learning

For the past few years, SarawakJobs.com has been providing a digital platform to connect both local talents and local employers; enhancing our local employment market. By reaching a bigger pool of talents will definitely get you the best talent in the industry. We still believe that with just a small investment in upskilling and training, equipped your workforce with the latest skills and knowledge needed to increase your business’ competencies.

With digitalization made it easy for hiring activities, online classes are even made possible over the internet. SarawakJobs.com has now enhanced with SarawakCourses, enabling you to connect with international online trainers. You can now learn new set of skills in a more cost-effective way, and of course, access it from the comfort of your bedroom.

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