All of us have things that stress us out. Whether it’s in our daily life or our work life. Work-related stress is a problem that can affect your health and your mental problem. This can affect your productivity in the office if you’re still feeling stressed. Work stress can come from your employer, environment, and even your workload in the office.


There can be a lot of things that can cause you to become stressed in the office. Excessive workload can be one of the factors that causes you the most stress. It is always important to know your own limits rather than just taking on the workload that is given to you. You can always draw the line and tell your supervisor that you can do this much during working hours. By telling your supervisor your limit, they know what to expect of you and this can help you to feel less stress. Another thing, that can stress you out is the environment in the company/ office. For example, it can come from the long hour in the office, your relationship with your colleague and etc.  These are some of the causes that can cause you stress.


A symptom of the stress that you may get are stomachache, migraine, fatigue and not to include the psychological health problems such as anxiety, depression, overwhelmed and feeling of cannot coping to the environment in the office. You can find ways to reduce your stress during work time by organizing your workload by the importance and starting doing it according to the list/label.  You can also make sure to have a relaxing and peaceful day during the weekends so that you can feel fresher and less stressed when you’re in the office.

Benefits of reducing stress in yourself

You can find your work productivity increase when you’re not feeling that stress in the office. This can help you to discover/find more ideas that you can share on how to increase productivity in the office that will surely help you while working. By feeling less stress, you can also reduce symptoms of mental health and physical health problems that are occurring. With your health improving, you can find more fun things that you can do on a daily without worrying about stress.

Stress can cause us a lot of mental and physical health problems to us. Taking things one at a time and talking to someone can be ways to reduce stress from work. You may feel stressed from the way you completed your job and the long hour in the office. There are many ways that can help you reduce work-related stress. One of the ways is you can talk to your colleague or your hr manager. They will surely help you on how to deal with stress better. How do you reduce the stress that you gain from working?