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It may well be that life is never the same since the Covid-19 outbreak; our workplace and job market have changed tremendously throughout this year. The epidemic has definitely hastened the pace of change; and as a result, we need to stay alert, prepare for any eventuality and adapt to these rapidly changing conditions. Our work preferences may as well change in order to adapt to the current job market demand. 

For instance, on our latest Life in Sabah After Covid-19 survey report, it is observed that at least 78% of Sabahan respondents are now WILLING to relocate outside of Sabah for better work opportunities; which is totally in contrast to our previous Sabah Employment Report findings in 2019; where only 4% of Sabahan respondents were willing to travel outside of Sabah.

It is important to learn job market to be able to lead yourself through the changes and to do so, check out our latest social media survey report “Life in Sabah After Covid-19″ and you’ll get first-hand insight into the current employment market in Sabah and check out how others are coping with the current changes.

“Life In Sabah After Covid-19″ Social Media Survey Report Topic Highlights;

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