Along with the diminishing cash flow, local businesses are facing financial woes. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic and the slowing economy, the Malaysia government has stepped up the efforts such as introducing support measures to help local companies to cope and to stay afloat. Some of the interventions include an interest-free SME business and a subsidizes salary scheme for businesses with less than 75 employees. And now, starting 15 June 2020, the newly released PENJANAKERJAYA is there to help businesses that require hiring needs during this period.

Is Government Intervention Does Benefits Us?


Referring to our Covid-19 Business Confidence Survey 2020findings, majority of 64% of the companies surveyed find that the Stimulus Package as “Useful” provided to their current state of their business finances. Nevertheless, 11% beg to differ, considering the package as “Not Useful At All”. On the other hand, apparently 24% were left “Unsure” as they do not know how to apply or need more information on the packages.

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