How long is the Job Ad published for?

All Standard Job Advertisements will be published for a 30 days period while Internship postings will be published for 60 days period.

When will the Job Ad be published upon payment made?

Your Job Ad can be posted almost immediately within the same business day upon receipt of all necessary documents and/or at a specific date upon your consent;

  • Upfront Payment Advice Slip
  • Filled & Signed Sales Agreement Form
  • Job Details (preferably in MS Word): Job Description, Roles/Scope, Key Requirements, Benefits and Remunerations
  • Company Details: Company logo, banner image (presentable image that portrays your branding), company key details and brief write-up of your company
***All Job Advertisements on are written and displayed in accordance to our standard display format, thus your Job Advertisements will be edited and vetted thoroughly by SabahJobs Talent Specialist Team.

What is a ‘Company Profile’ page?

Company Profile page basically promotes your company branding, and to provide an insight to Job Applicants of your business background.
Your Company Profile page will include;

  • Company logo
  • Banner image (presentable image that portrays your branding)
  • Company write-up (brief description of your company)
  • Company key details (Address, Telephone & Fax numbers, Website address, Social media addresses, Sector & Industry, etc)
  • Preview of your current Job Ad listings

I’ve provided my Job Ad details, can I request to review the Job Ad prior to publishing?

Feel free to request for a draft copy of your Job Ad for your review; and our SabahJobs Talent Specialist Team will assist to provide a screenshot for your approval before publishing at a specific date of your consent.

Can I edit or change my Job Ad after being published?

Please inform our SabahJobs Talent Specialist Team about your new requirements at your earliest convenience; and we will advise accordingly.

What should I do if I wish to edit/add more details on my Job Ad?

Please inform our SabahJobs Talent Specialist Team about your new amendments so we can assist to edit for you.

Can I close my Job Ad before the 30 days period ends?

It is advisable that you inform our SabahJobs Talent Specialist Team about the status of your hiring outcome should you wish to end your job advertisement early; and our SabahJobs Talent Specialist Team can assist you promptly.