It is evident for some businesses in Sabah that are already on the verge of closing down, will the new way of conducting business promise a better return? The new procedures of operating business activities are permanently implemented for local business to obey and for some of us, is a tardy process both to the business and its customers. With the limitation of the number of customers visiting into the premises for certain limitations of time, how long can it take for the business to recover the diminishing revenues?

Digitalization: Preparing for the real storm

Blog #2

On our latest Covid-19 Business Confidence Survey 2020, we asked our local  Sabah employers on their business planning for the next 12 months in order to recover financially,  64% of our employers are actually planning to go digital in their day-to-day business activities and with this, they are willing to invest in their workforce upskilling and training.

Looking on a different perspective, this pandemic period actually bring good to our local businesses in finding the best solution to increase their competencies and to survive on the second wave of Covid-19 or even any unprecedented event in the near future.

Find out more on our report findings here:  Covid-19 Business Confidence Survey 2020 and should you consider to upskill yourself, visit Sarawakcourses; engaging yourself with international online trainers.