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Company Overview
Infinity Solutions is the brainchild of its founder, Dr. Ganesh Kumar Kanniah. It was founded on the basis to provide consultancy services for all types of marketing and advertising solutions. Established in May 2018, our motto is ‘Your One Stop Centre for All Your Solutions’ which by itself explains the core objective of our company which is to provide infinite solutions to all our clients’ problems. It is a company destined to grow and venture into multiple products and services. For starters, the company has ventured into student recruitment services solely based on the need to increase the awareness of the local students that education is the key for a successful life and thus increasing their quality of life.

Company Snapshot
Our Address: Lot 9, Second Floor, Block B, Datun Commercial Complex, Jalan Masak, 89008 Keningau, Sabah
Industry: Marketing & Advertising
Contact No.: 087 – 312 848
Working Hours: Mondays – Fridays

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