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Green World Magnetic Limited

Company Overview
Green World Magnetic is recognized as a leader in survey and environmental instrumentation. Our company consists of internationally recognized experts in risk assessment, design, modeling and vulnerability analysis of community and infrastructure against natural environment. Our goal is to provide the best equipment and engineering services for protecting human and facilities to carry out consulting work and supply equipment in these areas.

We prides on our ability to listen to clients and provide quick and practical solutions to customer needs. Our innovative and flexible approach to situations and requests ensures that timely and appropriate outcomes are achieved for all our clients.

To provide a complete, professional and timely service to our clients covering all aspects of pollution response and safety services in a practical, efficient and cost-effective manner in many key projects as the main to provide solutions with survey equipment and setting up laboratories research. These projects include environmental risk assessment, emergency response and prevention activities.

Company Snapshot
Our Address: The Villa, Jalan Jumidar Buyong 87000 FT Labuan, Malaysia
Industry: Engineering Services