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EnsetCorp Sdn Bhd is a leading service provider of reliable process measuring instrument and related calibration service. It is 100% Sabahan Bumiputera (Malaysia) owned company and was established and registered officially under the name of EnsetCorp Sdn Bhd in year 2009.

Whether a machine can operate reliably depends on whether its individual components are running smoothly, very much like the success of a company is inalienable from the accomplishments of its people. At EnsetCorp we value contributions of our employees at all levels and take great pride in our team.

Our Company provided starting opportunities not only to the newly employed personnel, but also promoted development and advanced training to the personnel who have shown tremendous commitment in their work. Our personnel is kept trained and updated with the latest technology to deliver the highest quality services to improve the operation performance of our customers considering the positive economics results.

Our employees, subcontractors and professionals have contributed to our company’s success. Each one of them has his or her unique career story that is no like any other story and serves as a key link in the accomplishment of the Company’s goals and mission.

As future strategy, we aim to continue to focus relentlessly on acquiring more projects, emphasize safety, reliability, and systematic management of risk. Our objective is also to continue increasing the capability of our staff (management and under), as well as our work facilities, in addition to focusing on having new opportunities

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Process/Application Engineer (Ensetcorp Engineering) – Labuan

Ensetcorp Engineering
Posted by: Ensetcorp

Date: 22 May2020
Labuan Federal Territory, Malaysia