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Akitek Bersatu (Sabah)

Company Overview
Akitek Bersatu (Sabah) was formerly known as James Cubitt & Partners, which had associate offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and United Kingdom in the 60s. Starting 1972, the present local partners Abdul Aziz Mahfar and Cheng Yu Chung had assumed full equity of the firm and at the same time maintained association with other offices outside Sabah.

The firm’s policy for architectural design over the years has been consistent in adopting a pragmatic approach with emphasis on practically and cost effectiveness without sacrificing the architectural qualities compatible to the local environment and conditions.

The firm has successfully carried out several major architectural projects of various complexities namely hotel, schools and high rise office block, housing, prestigious private bungalows, industrial, religious and recreational buildings, hospitals, fisheries complex, airport, flight kitchen and tele-communications exchange buildings throughout the state of Sabah, Malaysia.
The firm has the ability to offer a wide range of architectural services and is backed up by experienced and qualified personnel, comprising architects, architectural assistant, sub-professional and technical staff.

Company Snapshot
Our Address: Lot E1 & E2, 6th Floor, CPS Tower, Jalan Centre Point,
Peti Surat 10613, 88806 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Registration No.: P/A 8(Registered under LAM)
Industry: Architecture Firm
Contact No.: 088-252 555, 014-658 0407

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