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Sabahan Workers: Sabah Covid-19 Assistance Package


1: Electricity Bill 30% Discount for 3 months

Sabah Government: Discount of 30 percent would be given to electricity bills for a period of three months starting next month. 16,000 of user under program e-Kasih will enjoy RM40 rebate to their electricity bill directly


2: Water Bill Waived for 3 Consecutive Months

Sabah Government: The State Government agreed to exempt the payment of all domestic water bills for the period of three months starting April, this year.


3. One-off RM500 Cash Assistance (e-Kasih)

Sabah government is mindful of the poor and hardcore poor in Sabah who are also affected by the Covid-19. Hence, to ease their burden, the Sabah government has decided to provide a one-off RM500 cash assistance to the head of family categorized as poor and hardcore poor who are registered with the e-Kasih system.

4. One-off RM300 Cash Assistance (Sabahans Working in Peninsular Malaysia)

Sabah government set RM80 million aside to help the low-income group or B40 group as well as other groups that are affected. The fund is targeted at Sabahans working in Peninsular Malaysia numbering about 30,000 people.


4. Bantuan Prihatin Nasional for B40 and M40 group on April and May

Malaysia Federal Government: B40 and M40 group will be provided a monthly cash pay-out for 2 months.

  • Family with Monthly Income RM4000 or below
    April: RM1000
    May: RM600
  • Family with Monthly Income RM4001 to RM8000
    April: RM500
    May: RM600
  • Individual with Monthly Income RM2000 or below
    April: RM500
    May: RM300
  • Individual with Monthly Income RM2001 to RM4000
    April: RM250
    May: RM250

How to apply/Reference:


5. RM500 EPF i-Lestari Account 2 Withdrawal up to 12 month

Malaysia Federal Government: EPF members may apply for the RM500 i-Lestari Account 2 Withdrawal Scheme beginning 1 April 2020. The savings to be deposited into their bank accounts from 1 May 2020.

  • Withdrawal from members’ Account 2
  • A maximum withdrawal of RM500 per month
  • Savings to be deposited in members’ bank accounts starting May 2020
  • Facility is effective for a maximum period of 12 months

How to apply/Reference:


6. Funding for Frontliner, Villages and Students

Sabah Government had allocated

  • RM50 million to fund all emergency expenditure related to Covid-19. Under this endeavor, the State Government will ensure the frontliners consisting of doctors, nurses, health services staff and  immigration have the necessary equipment that are critical as they go about their duties. These consist of face masks, hand sanitizer and protective garments.
  • RM10 million would be allocated for food assistance and other needs of those working as frontliners. The allocation of RM10 million will go towards food preparations for the frontliners such as doctors, nurses and health staff; immigration officers; the Royal Malaysian Police; the Royal Malaysian Army; ESSCom; the Marines and Rela.
  • RM20 million had been allocated to the affected members of the community. RM18 million to help provide food to villages in Sabah that are affected. Meanwhile, RM2 million will be used to help and reduce the financial burden to sustain their daily needs, including the provision of food for students in Sabah and in Peninsular Malaysia following the Movement Control Order (MCO) which took effect from March 18.


Photo Credits: The Borneo Post

7. 30% Discount on Quit Rent

Sabah Government announced a 30 percent discount on Quit Rent for this year, which is expected to benefit 232,774 individuals; 9,184 companies; and 402 in various other categories. Those who had paid the Quit Rent this year can get a rebate next year.

8. 20% Discount on House Assessments

Sabah Government: House assessments would also be reduced by 20 percent this year, a move which benefits 97,641 taxpayers in Kota Kinabalu and 221,470 at other local governments. Again, those who have settled their house assessments will be able to get a rebate next year.

9. Rental Exempted for People’s Housing Programme (PPR)

Sabah Government: Those living at houses under the People’s Housing Programme (PPR) will be exempted from paying rental for a period of six months starting next month. The step would benefit 20,080 households and 110,400


Photo Credits: PropertyGuru

10. Monthly Allowance Payment to Village Community Management Committee or MPKK

Sabah Government: Due to the change of government at the federal level, the monthly allowance payment to Village Community Management Committee or MPKK has been affected in Sabah. The State government has decided to adopt a proactive step to ensure all MPKKs continue to receive their allowance. A total of RM30 million in fund had been allocated for the payment of the allowances for a period of 10 months, including the month of March. All daily waged earners appointed by the Sabah Government and unable to work during the MCO would also receive salaries.

File photo of a customer counting her ringgit notes outside a money changer at the central business district in Singapore

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11. Employment Retention Program (ERP) For Employees Who Received Unpaid Leave Notice

Malaysia Federal Government: Affected Malaysian Workers who were forced to go into unpaid leave during the Movement Control Lockdown (MCO) can Apply For RM600 Financial Aid (Up to 6 months) from the Government.



1) Kenyataan Media Program Pengekalan Pekerjaan (ERP) Untuk Pekerja Terima Notis Cuti Tanpa Gaji
2) Pekeliling Majikan Bil.2 Tahun 2020
3) Borang – Pakej Rangsangan Ekonomi 2020 – Program Pengekalan Pekerjaan (ERP)
4) Borang – ERPC -19
5) Soalan Lazim Program Pengekalan Pekerjaan – Employment Retention Program (ERP)


For more information related to point 1,2,3,6,7,8,9, and 10 please refer to[MALAY]%20SABAH%20WE%20CARE%20-%20PAKEJ%20BANTUAN%20COVID-9%201.pdf

For more information related to point 4, please refer to

For more information related to point 5, please refer to