About Us

SabahJobs.com is an award winning (“Best Recruitment Portal" & "Best Website") and No.1 Localised online jobsite in Sabah, Malaysia. Our vision is to simplify the connection between local talents and local employers.

SabahJobs.com, debuted in 2016, is the Top Job Search Site in Sabah as we reach out to local Sabahan job seekers (More than 500,000 page views monthly and increasing) and feature more than 30,000 Jobs and 1,000+ companies within Sabah. Currently we cater to over 400,000 active job seekers within the Borneo region and generates over 2 million page-views monthly across our partner job sites in Sarawak (SarawakJobs.com), Brunei (JobsBrunei.com) & Kalimantan (KalimantanJobs.com).

NO.1 PRIORITY to Local Sabahan Job Seekers (Localised Job Market)

As the Job market evolves, local companies and recruiters are increasing their search for qualified local talents. SabahJobs.com's ability to drive local Talents to our Jobs portal coupled with the latest Internet Technology enables seamless application process; Our team is committed to provide Sabahan Job Seekers with a fast and smart search service coupled with resources that will allow them to gain employment through local job opportunities that are relevant to their skills and competencies.

Apart from ensuring that our job search is made more accessible to the local job seekers, our main obligation is focused in equipping the local job seekers with the latest information such as: Local Employment News (through our surveys conducted with local employers and job seekers); Local Labor Laws; Job Seekers’ Guides; Salary Survey; Top Job Sectors/Markets where talents are in high demand and more. By facilitating useful information on our jobsite, we want to empower job seekers with relevant knowledge to secure job opportunities and at the same time, encourage both ‘would-be job seekers’ and ‘job seekers who are making mid-career switches’ to focus on re-training and personal development to ensure employability.

Our Commitment to Recruiters and Hiring Companies

Save Time, Save Money, Vacancy Filled.
SabahJobs.com works closely with companies and has a clear objective of matching the vacancy with local Job seekers. Our promise of the 'Successful Hiring Guarantee' will ensure that all positions will be successfully filled for the companies as all advertised Jobs would be channeled through to our networks and attract the right local candidates.